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Mini Rail Solar Panel Brackets for IBR Metal Roof

The solar rooftop off grid system with quick mount clamp and rail will make the PV mounting kit to be easy. Just click into the special rails and require no extra hardwares on the solar mounting brackets.  

  • Item Name :

    Solar Panel Fixing Brackets
  • Standard :

    1 piece
  • Application :

    Metal Roof
  • Material :

    Aluminum+Stainless Steel
  • Warranty :

    12 Years
  • Custom :

    Yes, customized
  • Lead Time :

    14-18 days
  • Sample :

    Free Sample

Solar Panel Roof Rack Mounting Kit

The solar panel rails and brackets are specifically designed to optimize the performance and longevity of solar installations. With our innovative quick mount clamp system, you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy while ensuring a secure and efficient railless solar racking solution for your solar panels.



A. Save installation time

B. Diversified design

C. With one-step solar mounting solutions

D. Customized as requirement

Solar Panels Mounting Systems

                                  About It    

This PV mounting systems are versatile, accommodating various panel sizes and configurations. Whether you have standard-sized panels or custom-shaped ones, our solar panel rack system can adapt to meet your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures a perfect fit and optimal positioning for your solar panels.


Q1: Do I have to pay for the sample? 

Cowell Solar Mounting: Well, the free sample is offered if they have on stock. The customized product have to be charged, but the sample cost could return when mass production.


Q2: Does it matter that I do not have experience to install?

Cowell Solar Mounting: Pls do not worry, most of accessories are designed to be highly pre-assembled. And we provide includes the structural analysis as well as the installation plan for all components. 


Q3: What is your guarantees and services?

Cowell Solar Mounting: All of product have strictly quality control on the production line. We guarantees 12 years life time.


Q4: Do you have the factory? And do you offer the custom service? 

Cowell Solar Mounting: Yes our factory have established for about 30 years, and we have the professional technicians and engineers to meet your customized requirement.

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Looking for a partner to start your project? Pls feel free to contact us.