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Cowell is a professional solar mounting system supplier who possess the best knowledgeable and technical team. We offer various kinds of roof mouting system, ground mount solar racking, balcony solar panel kit, and fasteners etc. 

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Cowell always focus on developing and optimising innovative solar mounting systems and fasteners to ensure holistic solution and make work easier. Our mounting systems are suitable for the roof, ground, carport and farmland. They are widely used in different fields such as residential, commercial and industrial. Our production line including the moulding, extrusion, surface treatment, production, pre-assembly, package and logistics. What’s more, we are committed to create the safe and value-added solutions for our customers according to the international standard like JIS C 8955,AS/NZS 1170.2, ASCE 7-10.2, UL2703 and TUV.



  • Solar Systems Design
    Solar Systems Design

    As a solar mounting specialist, we offer the R&D, production, sales and after-sales services.

  • Customized Service
    Customized Service

    We are a professional factory to offer customized service as requirement. 

Cowell have different solar mounting solutions for roof, ground, agriculture and carport. Various kinds of fasteners mount on the mounting systems. The customized mount structure is also available here. 
  • Roof Mounting Solution
    Roof Mounting Solution
    There are some kinds of rooftops: tile roof, flat roof and metal tin roof. Here attached the different solar roof mounting system solutions:   1.  For tile roof solar mounting brackets, we adopt roof hook to fix rail and solar panel. According to customer’s different requirements for the height between module and rooftop, different kinds of roof hooks can be applied in solar tile rooftop mounting system, the installation will be easy and simple. 2. The ballasted solar racking can be perfectly suitable for residential or commercial concrete roof, whose most evident advantage is that this mounting system with concrete block can bear more violent wind speed to make sure the safety and stability of racking structure. 3. The metal roof solar mounts with standing seam clamp can be easily installed without drilling, ensure the better stability and waterproof capability. In addition, the light rail will lessen the installation cost.   Also the L foot solar mounting system can be constructed on metal roof, fixing the rail by self-tapping screw and hanger bolt to advance the stability of whole system and greatly reduce its general cost.
  • Ground Mounting Solution
    Ground Mounting Solution
    Cowell ground mounting systems use the ground screws or concrete piers to hold the stacked PV modules. The anchoring to the ground is the tough part of the installations. And the type of foundations used are based mainly on soil conditions, here are some different kinds of ground mount solar racking:   1. U-pile ground mounting system is suitable for slope ground or uneven terrain. 2. ZAM carbon steel mounting system has an amazing ability to resist corrosion. Racking made of ZAM is 2-20 times corrosion resistant than galvanized. 3. All aluminum mounting racking, the highly-preassembled components will shorten the on-site installation time.    If you have your own project idea, pls do not hesitate to contact us. Cowell technicians are willing to help.
  • Carport Mounting Solution
    Carport Mounting Solution
    Here is the waterproof carport installation manual:  1.Preparation  1.1 Safety In order to ensure the safety, following tools are used : Goggles; Helmet;Gloves; Safety Clothing; Safety Shoes. 1.2 Components Rail; Rail Splice; End Clamp; Middle Clamp; Beam; Rail clamp; Water Channel; 1.3 Tools Allen wrench; M8-M12 Wrench;M8-M12 Electric Rotor; M8-M12 Twist Wrench; Tape Measure Rope; Electric Screw Machine; Wood Hammer; Awning Turned. 2. Construction Step 1: Make the concrete and punch the bolts in a pre-reserved position. Make sure the front and rear row of C-channel are in a line and at the same height. Step 2: Install pillar and beam,and connect pillar with beam through U shape connector. Step 3:Install waterproof rails A. Connect waterproof rails by rail splices to the required length of each array and fix them by ST6.3x2 bolts. Notice: The interior of the connector and the connection of the waterproof rail should be coated with waterproof glue to prevent water leakage. B..Place the waterproof rails above the beam and use the rail clamp to fix the waterproof rails. C. Note: Each waterproof rail should be aligned. Step 4:Install water tunnel and water pipe to get the water out.  Step 5:Module installation. Lock panels Fix panels which are closed to the end of rail by end clamps, the other side by middle clamps. Step 6: Complete the installation
  • Agriculture Mounting Solution
    Agriculture Mounting Solution
    The agri-PV mounting system allow the combined use of land for agricultural production and the added benefit of generating solar power. The system durability and resistance is guaranteed by high-quality aluminum components and a certified galvanizing process.   All aluminum solar mounting structure or hop-dip galvanized steel material are optional as requirement. Ground screws or blade augers can be installed quickly in a wide variety of open-air soil conditions. The configures easily to designed tilt to meet the requirement of a specific crop, generating clean and renewable energy with no harm to the environment.  
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