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Agricultural Solar Bifacial Sun Fence PV System

This two-dimensional solar structure system uses virtually ground space. Upright assembly farm solar mounting system is an effective and environmentally friendly solution for securing your premises.


  • Item Name :

    Bifacial Solar Fence
  • Standard :

    JIS/CE Standard Certificate
  • Application :

  • Material :

    Anodizing Aluminum+Galvanized Steel
  • Warranty :

    12 Years
  • Custom :

    Yes, customized as require
  • Lead Time :

    14-18 days
  • Sample :

    Free Sample

Bifacial Solar Fencing Custom Solar Fence Mounting System

This solar energy system has high strength requirements for snow and wind loads. Unlike traditional solar panels that only capture sunlight from one side, our bifacial solar fence system utilizes bifacial solar modules, capable of capturing sunlight from both the front and back sides of the panel. This dual-sided energy production results in an increased electricity output, enhancing overall energy efficiency and yield.



A. Versatile Design

B. Inclination angel is 90 degree

C. Safety and security

D. Farm solar mounting

Solar Fencing System

                                         About It       

Cowell's solar farm fencing system offers a versatile design that seamlessly integrates into various architectural and landscaping styles. With customizable panel sizes, colors, and fencing options, it can be tailored to complement the aesthetics of any residential, commercial, or industrial property. This versatility ensures that the solar fence not only produces clean energy but also enhances the overall visual appeal of the space.

Q1: Do I have to pay for the sample? 

Cowell Solar Mounting: Well, the free sample is offered if they have on stock. The customized product have to be charged, but the sample cost could return when mass production. 


Q2: Does it matter that I do not have experience to install?

Cowell Solar Mounting: Pls do not worry, most of accessories are designed to be highly pre-assembled. And we provide includes the structural analysis as well as the installation plan for all components. 


Q3: What is your guarantees and services?

Cowell Solar Mounting: All of product have strictly quality control on the production line. We guarantees 12 years life time.


Q4: Do you have the factory? And do you offer the custom service? 

Cowell Solar Mounting: Yes our factory have established for about 30 years, and we have the professional technicians and engineers to meet your customized requirement.

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Looking for a partner to start your project? Pls feel free to contact us.